About Tree Hugging Couponer


Welcome to Tree Hugging Couponer, we are brand new coupon site dedicated to providing deals,coupons, and recipes for real food.

I started this blog after a recent dental visit and finding that even with a healthy diet my children were suffering many dental issues so I decided to aim for cutting out processed foods. In doing so I found that it’s a little hard to find good coupon sites for real food so I decided to start one.

I will try and provide you with up to date deals and coupons to help get you the best deals possible to keep your family within budget while living on real food.


A little about myself

My name is VickiRae, I’m a mother of 4 boys living in Texas just trying to provide healthy foods while living on a tight budget. In the past I contributed to 3 coupon/deal blogs but left it when I became a vegan and decided to live a healthier lifestyle. In doing so I found my food budget go up but my health improve. Now I’m back at it with a different mission, to coupon while remaining health conscious.




I’m not a health expert, I am not a coupon expert, and I cannot spell or use the best grammar. I have 4 children so some deals may be a little late or not at all, my family comes first and if that means I lay in bed with a sick baby and take a day off from blogging then I’m sorry but that’s what I’ll be doing.

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