When I started this blog I had no set ideas on how I would do it, other than providing good deals, well it’s been 2 weeks now and I have been struggling with something. I am vegan, I have been for almost 2 years now, and each non-vegan deal I post feels like a betrayal to veganism. I won’t continue to do that, while my family is not vegan, I am. I am the primary shopper and cook of the family, I do not cook animal products often so why am I posting deals and buying these deals to post on the blog? It doesn’t add up for me, so I will no longer be posting animal product deals. This blog will be vegan! 🙂 Vegan deals are coming your way.


Disclaimer: I do not consume dairy, meat, honey, beeswax, or other animal products BUT I am not yet at a level to exclude vegan products that share equipment, palm oils, and/or use charred bone to process sugar. Without emailing every single manufacture I cannot be sure of the sources. I will post these deals as I see fit.

If you find that I posted a non-vegan item please let me know immediately.

Thank you,



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