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Kroger: Clearance Finds


I LOVE the clearance bins! 

When my grocery store has ripe or “ugly” produce they toss it in little bags and discount it to just $0.99 a bag. I almost always find organic produce that’s perfectly fine. If you’ve ever seen a woman with a baby strapped to her in the produce section screaming with joy, it’s probably me. Just ignore me as I fill my cart with yummy food. I’ll leave sooner or later. Apples are my favorite find as I use these all the time when juicing and they last in the fridge for a WEEKS.

My favorite store for discount produce is Kroger, they have been absolutely wonderful about discounting produce. I’ve also seen this red bag or clearance produce at 99cents Only Stores (that’s the store name) and Fiesta.

If it’s not something I juice with I may still buy it and preserve it in various methods, it depends if it’s something I can use.


Heck, just this week I found organic mushrooms. I dehydrated them and stored in a glass jar for soup.

A couple of weeks ago I found tons of organic cabbage, I bought 4. It was the best find ever, my favorite food and it was on my grocery list. I made Ethiopian Cabbage and Carrots for dinner, roasted another head the next day and used the others for homemade sauerkraut.

Yesterday, I found TONS of perfectly fine bananas. I didn’t need any so I passed on these but if my freezer was empty I may have bought tons to freeze.

It’s not just product that I find either, check out some of the other amazing finds.


*The Silk yogurt has not 100% been confirmed as Vegan due to the process in which the sugar is ground. Silk is working at getting it certified Vegan but has yet to confirm the method of sugar processing used.


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