New Whole Foods Mobile App Coupons


Whole Foods just released new mobile app coupons, below is the list of the vegan Whole Foods Mobile App coupons. 🙂
Don’t have the mobile app? Click here to get the app now.

  • $0.50 off Harmless Harvest Original Harmless Coconut Water (exp 6/28)
  • $1 Off Lundberg Rice Chips 6-oz (exp 6/28)
  • $1 Off any one (1) Whole Foods Packages Salad Greens 5- or 16-oz  (exp 6/21)
  • $1 off 2 Starkey Spring Water 1-lt bottles (exp 6/28)
  • $1 off any one (1) Whole Watermelon  (exp. 6/21)
  • $3 Off any One (1) 8.9-9.3 oz Vega Protein Smoothie Powder Drink Mix (exp 6/28)
  • $2 Off Kiss My Face Cool Sport Spray SPF 50 6-fl oz (exp 6/28)
  • $2 Off any one (1) Kettle Potato Chips 13-oz (exp 6/28)*
  • $1 Off Justin’s Almond Butter or Hazelnut Butter 16oz (exp 6/28)
  • $1 Off Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cereal 10-10.8oz (exp 6/28) *


*Not all flavors/products are vegan, be sure to read all ingredient labels before purchase.


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